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Berkeley is a Rocket Bear

In this sequel to The Adventures of Berkeley the Bear, the beloved state animal of West Virginia takes flight!


While on a field trip, Berkeley and his Sugar Maple Friends meet and befriend students who are visually impaired. After visiting their school, Berkeley travels with them to camp to learn about science!


Berkeley has never been away to camp, but he decides to be brave and try something new! During camp, he learns about rockets, gravity, and the laws of motion. He also learns important lessons about friendship, teamwork, and perseverance along the way. 


Recommended for ages 7 and up. 

Berkeley is a Rocket Bear .png

The Adventures of Berkeley the Bear

WV Author Illustrator, Berkleley the Bear

Berkeley the Bear is content to live in the Monongahela Forest with his Sugar Maple Friends. They have important jobs as state symbols, representing West Virginia. One day, Berkeley's favorite park rangers come to him with a request. Would he be willing to be a travel bear, so that others can learn about West Virginia, too?

Berkeley is just the bear for the job. There's just one problem: Berkeley is afraid to try new things. He doesn't want to leave his forest home.

Is Berkeley brave enough to share West Virginia with the rest of the world? If he is, what will Berkeley see?

The Adventures of Berkeley the Bear is 32 pages, 28 of which are full page, hand-drawn illustrations that assist in telling an engaging story promoting state pride, confidence, and friendship. Recommended for ages 7 and up. 

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